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“Entertainment needs to be fully representative of our entire population, to bring exposure to as many distinct and varied new voices as possible.” -Paul Feig


Launched in 2018 by DGA Award winning and Emmy Award nominated filmmaker Paul Feig and Emmy Award winning producer Laura Fischer, Powderkeg Media champions new voices with a special commitment to female, LGBTQ creators, disabled, and filmmakers of color by developing scripted and unscripted formats across emerging and traditional platforms.


From the inception of Powderkeg, Feig & Fischer knew they wanted to create a clear path for comedic directors to find their voice and level up in the Industry.  Fuse was born out of that desire. Powderkeg: Fuse is a development incubator for directors of minoritized genders.

Each season a hundred directors are invited to submit, then Powderkeg evaluates the pitches on multiple fronts including how it fits as a response to the themed prompt, alignment with Powderkeg/Feig’s brand, and how the five chosen films fit together to create a diverse slate of ideas, tones, and perspectives. From there the five chosen directors create their films – developed and produced by Powderkeg under the mentorship of Paul Feig. With the finished shorts, directors are given the opportunity to remain creatively at the forefront as their IP moves forward into further TV and Film development with Powderkeg attached as producers.




3500 W Olive Ave. Ste. 610 Burbank, CA 91505